Why L&M?

Our competitors may emulate some of our ideas and innovative attitudes, but they cannot duplicate our pride, hard-working style, sense of accomplishment, true dedication to our business and our loyal customers. There are many reasons for our success, but no single factor is more important than the dedication and effort of our team and shared values.

For our current and future customers:

  • We want to partner with your company to achieve its goals.
  • Commitment to the highest quality standards.
  • Great and important values.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Professionalism.
  • Fast pace with efficiency.
  • Innovative services.
  • Loyalty, respect and honesty.
  • Well-qualified and committed team members.
  • We go above and beyond all competitors.
  • Fun experience.

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Leonardo Liedke – Founder & CEO

Leonardo Marmentini – Founder & President