L&M Dealer Solutions understands that attracting & retaining qualified talent is a real challenge in this industry, and we’re here to help!

We supply qualified staff to California’s top auto dealerships, helping them reduce high turnover costs, improve customer satisfaction, and focus their time and efforts on profit-generating business.

Who are we?

At L&M, success is achieved through innovation and a positive attitude. This foundation makes us a leader in the auto dealership staffing industry.

Our goal is to provide outstanding white glove services to our clients and help them maintain a flawless reputation. We don’t succeed unless they do!

Why us?

Our people, our process. We spent over a decade improving our strategy for finding, training, and retaining qualified employees.

The L&M team is trained and closely managed through the latest technologies. We meet regularly to receive & provide feedback, set new goals and define expectations.

• Valet
• Concierge
• Porters

• Greeters
• Car Wash
• Detailing

• Cleaning
• Janitorial
• Parking Solutions

• Special Events
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