Valet Services


A Valet Parking Attendant is generally the first and last point of contact for guests and visitors at your facility. L&M Valet Attendants strive to provide an unforgettable experience by warmly and attentively welcoming guests and visitors. Our valets are trained to assist visitors with questions they might have, provide directions to locations on the property, and create a courteous and professional atmosphere – all while keeping the traffic flow consistent, efficient, and safe.

Auto Porters


An auto porter serves a very important function in the auto industry, especially in luxury new-car dealerships. Their duties include keeping track of vehicle locations on the lot, cleaning cars, and ensuring an organized lot. Managers may also assign Porters additional tasks. The L&M Porter is trained to deliver services with care to prevent damage and be attentive to managers’ requirements.

Service Greeters


Service greeters are most often employed at medium and large high-volume dealerships, especially ones representing a luxury brand. Greeters function as “traffic police” and help guide the high flow of customers into the appropriate areas. Typical job duties for a greeter include warmly welcoming all customers, obtaining the minimum needed information from the customer, verifying appointments, and informing the appropriate service consultant of customer arrivals.

Car Wash Services


Car wash attendants often determine if a customer will return for repeat visits. Attendants’ main responsibility is to clean the car. A lot of washes have a tunnel with wraps and brushes that clean the exterior of the car. Attendants are expected to perform various cleaning services in an efficient manner.

Detailing Services


L&M detailers clean and refurbish new and used automobiles. Team members will move and clean vehicles, keep the used vehicles in sound working condition and help the Service/Parts Directors and Managers as requested. They inspect and service new vehicles when they are delivered to the dealer and make minor repairs or adjustments to place the vehicles in salable condition using hand tools, portable power tools and specification sheets. They will also lubricate moving parts of automobiles.

Cleaning & Janitorial

janitorial 2

L&M Dealer Solutions cleans it all for you! Our specially trained and highly dedicated team members will care for your hard floors and carpets, windows, service drives, restrooms, offices, service shop, lunch room, car wash area, customer parking lot, cafeterias, and much more. We offer daily maintenance or our cleaning team can work behind the scenes when the business day is over- performing routine janitorial services. You’ll be welcomed by a clean, fresh facility every morning when L&M has been there the night before!

Additional Services


• Inventory Management
• Parts Runners
• Dealer Trade Logistic Systems
• Front Door Services
• Traffic Control
• Solutions Finder
• Parking Consulting
• Site Evaluations
• Special Events


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