Advantages & Key Features

By working with L&M Dealer Solutions, a company that specializes in valet parking and other services for automotive dealerships, you will have the time you need to concentrate on your own business, while leaving parking management to the experts.  Chances are good that a company that specializes in valet parking solutions will do the job more efficiently, and for less money than if you implement a valet parking service in-house.



  • Profitable Departments: The auto dealership’s service director & service manager(s) will be able to focus and invest their time on profitable departments such as technicians, service consultants, parts department, etc.
  • Overhead Costs: L&M Dealer Solutions will cover ALL the following items and any cost involved with:
      • Employees’ benefits: paid vacation, sick days, overtime, trainings, uniforms, bonuses, health plan, employee of the month, etc.
      • Taxes: federal, state and payroll taxes.
      • Insurances: worker’s compensation, general liability, garage keepers and other insurances.
      • Background checks: criminal, DMV, vehicle accident reports while working, pre-employment screening (drug test), etc.
      • Accidents and incidents: lot damages (vehicles repairs), lost keys, etc.
  • Trainings: Each L&M team member completes a rigorous training program covering correct parking procedures, safety, customer service skills and also how to prevent car theft, lockouts, lost keys, etc.
  • Significant savings ($) – The service department’s budget has a minimum impact.
  • Service Consultants: L&M team members will facilitate the service consultants life! Any type of help needed from them.
  • Invoice: Auto dealerships will have only one detailed invoice to generate. Availability of reporting.
  • Communication: Professional and effective. All team members use a silence two-ways radios.
  • Customer Services – Special Services: Ability to assist customers with the use of bluetooth, navigation system, garage door remote control, seat position settings, etc.
  • High Standards: L&M is prepared to follow and apply any auto dealership’s high standards.
  • Social Media: We will promote your dealership in all our pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, L&M Website, Etc.


  • Prompt problem resolution.
  • Safety programs (Trainings).
  • Full Insurance Coverage (Garage Keepers and Workers Compensation).
  • Multitask team members.
  • Flexible schedules to accommodate your service demand. Different options of schedules.
  • Frequent meeting with all team members.
  • We utilize a 10-steps customer interaction program and guidelines for attendants – The L&M Standard Operating Procedures.
  • We are guided by our management philosophy.
  • Emphasis on customer service – and are structured to ensure that our parking attendants maintain a professional appearance and courteous, friendly demeanor commensurate with the image of the property.
  • Full-time L&M on-site manager and assistant.
  • Immediate and professional actions to solve any issue.
  • We partner with your best local body shops.
  • Retention rate to reduce turnover of employees. Same faces.
  • Frequent evaluation of all areas.


L&M = L E S S   headache for you, your team and your guests!