L&M detailers clean and refurbish new and used automobiles.  They will verify the receipt of new vehicles delivered to the dealership and park vehicles in the new-vehicle lot in an orderly manner.  L&M team members will move and clean vehicles, keep the used vehicles in sound working condition and help the Service/Parts Directors and Managers as requested.  They inspect and service new vehicles when they are delivered to the dealer and make minor repairs or adjustments to place the vehicles in salable condition using hand tools, portable power tools and specification sheets. He/She will also lubricate moving parts of automobiles.

Detailed services, which are more thorough cleanings require more time. Shampooing carpets and seats require special tools that L&M attendants know how to operate. Cloth seats and carpets can be damaged with improper use of the cleaning tools. Vehicles need a wax on the exterior at least a couple times a year to protect the paint and clear coat. L&M attendants are very well trained on using a buffer to apply the wax. Vehicle paint can be damaged with improper use of a buffer.