Concierge Department

Our auto-concierge officers may perform the following tasks:

  • receive requests from the public either in person or by telephone, take bookings and inform customers of the rental rates charged.
  • book customers by entering details such as type of car, rental period and journey planned into a computer or onto the appropriate form.
  • check customers’ identification and drivers licences, draw up rental contracts and process payments using a computer system.
  • arrange for cars to be ready for customers at the rental office or delivered to their hotels or places of business.
  • explain the controls of the rental cars to customers and provide them with directions and tourist information when necessary.
  • check returned cars to log miles travelled and for any damage, and enter details on computer and present final accounts to customers.
  • receive payment if necessary and/or return customers’ prepayment.
  • note any car problems encountered by customers and follow up with appropriate action.
  • process overdue vehicles and collect additional payment.
  • arrange for cars to be cleaned and refueled, ready for the next customer.
  • collate all transactions into a daily report and balance cash and till.